Tiziana’s work recognises images, impressions and experiences transformed and displaced. The painting as a physical object becomes reality in itself expressing her inner world; unleashing the force of psychic drives, the energy, the motion and other inner forces. Created from a sense of mental release, the experience of painting became the subject matter of the canvas. Inner necessity.

A dream-scape of fantastic machines connects the relationship between metaphysical dimensions and time, creating a biomorphic language. Tiziana paints a world which qualifies objects and emotions, expressing energy with organic line and colour. Describing the world in shapes and contour, recording what the eye reads as motion, direction, depth and duration. Line and colour are used as a Special Language, a translation of emotions. Line is an extended mark on a surface.

In the artistic creation abstract ideas are combined with the intuitive content of consciousness. Fusion of sense perceptions and mood, striving, emotion, vibration and passion. Tiziana creates the appearance of depth, and illusory worlds, or translate the depths of human experience. Her paintings are born from tension and freedom, to the point where she breaks away from reality. In this state of emotional resonance, the whole field of sensibility is awoken to strange illuminations. Painting as an event, a record of a feeling, and the physical movement to which she gives rise, brings to the canvas a wealth of experiences that serve to set the basic process of motion in action.