My Art

I’m an Italian artist, from Le Marche, I have been living in London for the last 16 years. I have been working on my Art from a very young age, I was always fascinated by inspiring painters, and grew up surrounded by art all my life. I studied at the Academy of Art which opened the door of reading abstract paintings.
I have been inspired by: Kandinsky with his studying of the philosophy of Art, Gorky as part abstractionist part expressionist with an emotional atmosphere, Picasso, Miro, David Smith’s sculptures and many others. I work in oil on canvas and I am doing digital works as well. My digital work is part of my contemporary expression, photography re-elaborated with effects and different techniques.

I’m working on shades of human emotions, fusing the fantastic and dream imagery, vibrating transitions, which creates a surreal landscape.
A surreal word, which is connected with human soul, the painting is independent of subject matter, so the creation may say what it has to say, through purely pictorial means in the form of a Spiritual Unit. These units should live and exist for itself, as does nature, in accordance with the eternal law of the Universe, from a fluid primordial space.

I’m trying to be the mediator of this “elsewhere” to create this illusory world and metaphysical dimensions. My paintings present as self-image; a reflection that mirrors my emotions and my personality, so the paintings as physical objects became a reality in themselves.